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Amazing Apprentice’s First Tattoo!!

Our tattoo apprentice did her first tattoo yesterday! It was exciting getting to watch our new apprentice Hannah Doherty tattoo for the first time yesterday. Nick had offered some skin for her to practice tattooing at the start of the summer, and yesterday she was confident to take him up on his offer. She chose a very […]

Black Style Tattoo in Progress

BLACK TATTOO COVER-UP IN PROGRESS You’ve seen plenty of videos of various folks getting tattooed. Well, what makes this video extra special is that the tattoo is not only a cover-up (Asia’s so good, not sure if you can tell this is a cover-up tattoo), but it’s also very reminiscent of a painting Asia did for me […]

Getting Your First Tattoo in Burlington

The idea of getting a new tattoo is a big step and very exciting. It’s certainly full of exciting moments, and the fact that this is your first tattoo is very impressive to begin with. But there are some fears here and there, which you can avoid if you know exactly what you are doing. […]

How to Pick a Tattoo Artist in Toronto?

Getting a new tattoo is an exciting experience and it’s also a whole lot of fun. However, finding the best tattoo artist to help you can be a bit tricky. There different options and you want to work with vetted professionals, people that have a lot of experience in the industry and which know how […]

What’s New in March

As things pickup slowly with the nicer weather, we’re here to make your tattoo wishes become reality. Be it realism, watercolor, hand-poke, or anything in between, you can count on us for the most stunning living artwork around. In March, every Friday and Saturday we’re featuring our hand-poke artist Kristina who still has some spots available. If […]