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Tattoo Styles

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    Watercolor Tattoos

    Watercolor tattoos have become one of the most popular tattoo styles in recent years. Watercolor tattoo style minimizes the use of outlines and instead uses a fluid and organic….

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    Blackwork / Black & Grey / Realism Tattoos

    As the name indicates, Black and Grey tattoo style utilizes black ink and water. Heavier in shading, it differs from traditional tattoo styles as the lines may be more defined.

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    Hand Poke Tattoos

    A Hand Poke tattoo is basically what it seems like it would be: tattoos that are created by poking your skin with a needle that is attached to a stick instead of a tattoo machine.

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    Geometric Tattoos

    A geometric tattoo as the name indicates can be linked to geometry and be described by mathematics. Usually containing a shape / pattern, that is repeated throughout the tattoo to create a specific design, the tattoo pattern….

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    Cover-up Tattoos

    Cover up tattoos are a viable option instead of choosing expensive tattoo removal. we recommend getting a tattoo cover up from one of our talented artists that you’ll want to show off, not camouflage.

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    Tribal Tattoos

    You may or may not know what tribal tattoos are. Either way, tribal tattoos are the oldest tattoo style known and is typically linked to indigenous body art. Tribes in Peru, Africa and other regions have been utilizing it for a long….

Painted People Tattoo Co.

A tattoo is a lifetime investment. An indelible piece of art that reflects who you are. A beautiful customization of a very personal possession: your skin.

It’s only natural that you want to find the best possible studio to take your ideas and turn them into a timeless, permanent piece of you, and if you’re in the Greater Toronto Area, Painted People Tattoo Co. is the tattoo studio for you!


The Artists

All of the best tattoo shops in the world were founded by artists who combine passion, skill, creativity and professionalism, and Painted People Tattoos is no different. Asia (pronounced Asha) has been in the business for many years, and is the driving force, heart and soul behind our studio.

Even the best tattoo artist needs a team though, and ours is made up of the most talented people you will find as tattoo artists in the Toronto area (and beyond!) Each of these artists is handpicked for their skill, technique, creativity and love of the art, and we work hard to match the right artist with each client, to turn the tattoo you imagined into a permanent reality.

We’re an eclectic bunch, each with our own specialty, so whatever your ideas, one of the artists in our tattoo studio can make them a reality.


The Studio

Our two studios are conveniently located in Burlington and Toronto, and you’ll find us not only fun, funky and professional, but our venues are also a comfortable place to spend an hour or few. We offer parking, tea and coffee, and free Wi-Fi, so our clients and guests have everything you need to feel right at home while we work on a custom tattoo that matches your style and design tastes.


The Experience

Many of our clients are die-hard tattoo fans who have loads of ink. But many are also first timers, who need a little help finding the right design, and a little help easing into the tattoo experience. We’re more than happy to work with every fan of art – your tattoo artist will make sure you get what you need, regardless of your experience with tattoos. Whether it’s a custom design, a cover up or a touch-up you want, or simply professional advice on aftercare of your tattoo, you’ll find it at Painted People Tattoo Company…


Our Promise

We promise to listen to our customers, do our best to translate your ideas into reality, and deliver service that’s always friendly, respectful and thoughtful. We promise to deliver the best quality tattoos, to the highest industry standards, and to make sure that you love your tattoo, and we’re proud to put our name on it. So, if you’re looking for some ink in the Toronto or Burlington areas, whether it’s your first or your fiftieth, stop by and visit our tattoo studio. Let’s add some colour to that canvas!