What’s New in March

As things pickup slowly with the nicer weather, we’re here to make your tattoo wishes become reality. Be it realism, watercolor, hand-poke, or anything in between, you can count on us for the most stunning living artwork around.

In March, every Friday and Saturday we’re featuring our hand-poke artist Kristina who still has some spots available. If you’ve never had a traditional hand-poke tattoo, this is your opportunity. Just reply to this email or call our tattoo studio anytime.

We’re also excited to start giving our Burlington apprentice Hanna more skin to play with. Her few tattoos so far have been absolutely stunning, we’ll be featuring some of her designs for free tattoo giveaways later this month. Her progress so far has been absolutely remarkable, we’re so excited to have her join us for the summer on a more full time basis as she perfects her already impressive skills.

We have big news about our line of natural soap and various products. We’re re-branding our entire catalog to Painted People Soap!

While Soapy Penguin will remain, we will be re-introducing it as a separate line of natural products in the future. For now, we wanted to further highlight that we do make all of the amazing products we sell from our shops and having a unified name just felt right.

We’re still on the looking for a new tattoo artist to join our Toronto family. We’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, Anita, who has quickly become a staple of Burlington artists, will continue to tattoo out of the Toronto location each Wednesday. She has a few openings available, so if you can’t make it to Burlington feel free to give us a call or email.

Finally, we were proud to celebrate having our 2000th client tattooed this past weekend. It still feels surreal to us, having opened the Toronto shop some 3+ years ago we’d be at this point. As one of our clients, no, members of our extended family, we want to say thank you! Thank you for sharing your love of art with us. Thank you for trusting us with something so intimate and personal.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, we of course would greatly appreciate your feedback and support for our Toronto or Burlington tattoo shops.

Thank you!

Estimates and Booking

Use the form below to describe your vision for the tattoo, or to request a consultation / booking. If looking for an estimate, please be descriptive and tell us about what you want to have tattooed. For bookings, review our Pricing & Payment page; we start with a free consultation; in order to begin your custom drawing a deposit is required.