Amazing Apprentice’s First Tattoo!!

Our tattoo apprentice did her first tattoo yesterday!

It was exciting getting to watch our new apprentice Hannah Doherty tattoo for the first time yesterday. Nick had offered some skin for her to practice tattooing at the start of the summer, and yesterday she was confident to take him up on his offer.

She chose a very ambitious geometric design for a first tattoo. After some revisions and incorporating Nick’s suggestions she decided to go through with the design. She tattooed with ease being mindful of her lines. Anita also helped Hannah to make sure the tattoo went over smoothly and had the best possible placement. Overall, It turned out very well for any tattoo, and spectacular for her first time tattooing.

We can’t wait to see her skills grow throughout her apprenticeship and are super excited for her promising carrier ahead.

Check out the action below, we’re still stunned this is the first time Hannah tattooed another person, she’s a natural!

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