Getting Your First Tattoo in Burlington

The idea of getting a new tattoo is a big step and very exciting. It’s certainly full of exciting moments, and the fact that this is your first tattoo is very impressive to begin with. But there are some fears here and there, which you can avoid if you know exactly what you are doing. Once you tackle that, it will be well worth it.

Research as much as you can

Finding the right tattoo shop in Burlington and tattoo artist is extremely important. You really want to know what you are getting into and what services can the professional offer you. After you have that ready to go, results will be second to none and that’s what really matters the most. Use it to your own advantage and the experience itself will be very impressive, we guarantee that. It’s all a matter of understanding what works and what doesn’t, and then adapting to your needs all the time.

Selecting The Right Tattoo Design


Is the design something that has a personal meaning or connection to you? Understanding the design and what it means for you is extremely important, and it can make a huge difference. It’s all a matter of perspective and of figuring out what matters the most for you. Asking others is a very good idea. Or you can go and find some designs online, then ask the tattoo artist. It will be worth it either way, with results being more than impressive every time. And that’s the approach that you want to pursue in a situation like this.

That’s up to you, so you need to find the right way to deal with your tattoo design and enjoy the experience in a meaningful manner. The idea is to know what you like the most. Since it’s the first tattoo in Burlington, going with a colorful one might be a bit too much. That’s why you need to go with something simpler and then adapt to the situation. Use that approach to your advantage and it will be worth it in the end, that’s for sure.

What Styles Are Great For Your First Tattoo?


That depends. It can be the realistic style, watercolor, black and grey, cover-ups and many other styles. Of course, you want a tattoo whose meaning you understand, as you will have it on you for a very long time. Once you understand all of that, things will be a lot easier and that’s the most important aspect.

Use these tips as you try to get the first tattoo in Burlington. It’s not that easy to pick a design or the best tattoo artist, but it’s all a matter of understanding the requirements and design, then adapting to the situation. Challenges can arise, but if you do this properly, nothing will stand in your way. Use it as an advantage, make sure that you see all the numerous options and then adapt everything accordingly. It will be well worth it every time. Right now we have a Christmas special. If you purchase a $100.00 Gift certificate you will save $20.00. That’ right get $100.00 gift card for $80.00. Call Painted People Tattoo Company in Burlington today.

Estimates and Booking

Use the form below to describe your vision for the tattoo, or to request a consultation / booking. If looking for an estimate, please be descriptive and tell us about what you want to have tattooed. For bookings, review our Pricing & Payment page; we start with a free consultation; in order to begin your custom drawing a deposit is required.