Come in and try it. Everyone experiences tattoos differently. For example, I enjoy getting tattooed and see it as a calming, almost energizing experience. Most people relate it to either a mild scratch of a sun burn or a spiritual event

Check our our Pricing and Payment page. The cost of your tattoo depends on various factors such as size and complexity of it. We charge hourly; minimum cost for something small (taking 30 minutes or less) is $80 and goes from there

Please use our Contact Us page. As we work on adding booking functionality to the website, contact us via any of the mediums outlined on the page to book a free consultation. A consultation is a meet-up between you and your artist to discuss the tattoo, take measurements if required and get the creative process going. It’s really your opportunity to meet the artist and use the creative time to ask any questions or work on the tattoo design together. During a consultation, your artist can book the tattoo appointment based on both of your availability (note that a $50 to $150 deposit is required, exact amount varying based on size of the tattoo, for booking the tattoo appointment which is applied towards the cost of the tattoo)

We accept all major credit cards, debit, e-Transfers and cash. You can also again check out Pricing and Payment page for more info

Because we’re artists and art is sacred. Copying someone else’s work is not cool for us, and we honestly care more about you having an original one of a kind tattoo.

Between the ages of 18 to 134. A day earlier or over is not accepted.

We do not currently do piercings. We do however concentrate on doing the best tattoos ever.

Absolutely yes – after waiting for 6 months! Saving lives through blood donation is a great cause and despite the myth, tattooed people can donate blood

Only on Mondays, and we’re not open on Mondays

When deciding on a name, main criteria was to have something that reflects what we’re passionate about (that, and, was it original, available, etc). We feel privileged in being able to create walking pieces of art for our clients and we see them as paintings in their own right – so, all of us that have tattoos are in essence painted people

Estimates and Booking

Use the form below to describe your vision for the tattoo, or to request a consultation / booking. If looking for an estimate, please be descriptive and tell us about what you want to have tattooed. For bookings, review our Pricing & Payment page; we start with a free consultation; in order to begin your custom drawing a deposit is required.