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Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos have become one of the most popular forms of tattoo styles in recent years. As the name indicates, Watercolor tattoo style minimizes the use of outlines, and instead uses a fluid and organic method of tattooing to produce a Watercolor painting look on your skin. Watercolor tattoo art isn’t as easy as it sounds. Tattooing on a human canvas instead of a traditional canvas is much more different, and difficult!

What’s Special About a Watercolor Tattoo

This style of tattoo differs from other styles because of its lack of a black outline, which makes creating a stunning tattoo that much harder.

The majority of tattoo artists begin by doing simple script or line work. The reason for this is that it’s difficult to get this type of tattoo wrong. Anything can happen when working with skin, of course, and there’s still the importance of applying the correct pressure, having a steady enough hand to trace the lines, and ensuring that all of the standard tattooing guidelines are followed, including applying the stencil or hand drawing, use of proper equipment, etc. It’s a fact that the simpler the design, the easier it is to achieve tattoo art that looks good.

Having the comfort of using tracing lines, in one colour especially, is the starting point. Think of creating a painting using Watercolor. You might have some light outlines on the page, but to create a true Watercolor look, you’re not confining yourself to outlines but colouring the canvas freely.

Creating a Watercolor tattoo design requires a special talent. Just as not all artists can do realism really well, or cartoon drawings (as you have to visualize them first), the same applies to Watercolor art. The artist must have the vision and an abstract view to first create a great Watercolor design.

Transposing the design onto skin is the next challenge. Tattooing skin, obviously, is very different from canvas. Not only is it not as forgiving (you can’t easily mask mistakes, for one), but even with the latest tattoo machines you’re confined to different types of shading, colour blending, and a living canvas that moves.

Does a Watercolor Tattoo Age Faster?

One of the most common questions and concerns raised about these tattoos is whether they fade faster. We know some clients that love the look of Watercolor tattoos, but are convinced they’re not worth getting.

Compared with traditional tattoo styles or black tattoos, it’s a fact that a Watercolor tattoo can fade faster. The reason for this is the general use of lighter or softer colours, which tend to fade sooner over time than hard black lines.

However, as this well-written article highlights, tattoo artists can use simple tricks and tips to emphasize the design and create a higher contrast using some black ink. By using these techniques and practicing proper tattoo aftercare, you can ensure your Watercolor tattoo can last a very long time.

Ultimately, since all tattoos can (and do) fade, irrespective of the style, how well they age simply depends on your tattoo artist’s skill and your ability to protect your tattoos.

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