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Toronto 2018 Tattoo Convention

Toronto 2018 Tattoo Convention

By Nick
May 03, 2018

We find ourselves slacking again when it comes to website blog posts, and we are very sorry about that again. We have, however, been kicking ass in doing wicked tattoos, and will soon update our website with new pictures so you can all see the awesome work that we have been doing recently! Anyways, this blog post is all about the upcoming 20th anniversary of Toronto Tattoo Convention (known as Northern Ink Xposure), and we couldn’t be more excited about it!


This year, as with past years, features some of the best artists – not only from Toronto and Canada, but all around the world. With our tattoo shop approaching the status of one of the best tattoo shops in all of Toronto, we’ll be sending our head artist and co-owner, Asia, again this year along with Kristina (one of the best hand-poke artists in all of Canada, if not the world) for the 3 day event. Along with Asia and Kristina, Brooke (who is now a full tattoo artist) will also be there supporting the work and mingling with all of you.

As usual, we’ll have some free hand-outs (such as dog tags, stickers, buttons, the usual), but what will separate us from the rest of the crowd of many great artists are the tattoos we’ll be doing. While most of our schedule is already booked, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If we love your idea we’ll figure out a way to accommodate it during the tattoo convention (or we’ll get you into our shop shortly after).

The Toronto Tattoo Convention will run from Friday, June 8th to Sunday June 10th, and we’ll be there everyday from 11 AM until closing. Please stop by, tell us the secret word “bosco”, and we’ll hand you an appointment card entitling you to 10% off your next visit to our tattoo shop. Can’t wait to see you there!