Thanksgiving is here! New F***ing line of products

Hi, we’re Painted People Soap Company, nice to email you again! We realize it’s been a while since our last newsletter, and while we have a plethora of great excuses (see tattoo studios have kept us busy; the pandemic and our crazy divisive world makes it hard to think; and of course dingo ate our newsletter), we’ll just say our clients have been on our mind and even if we don’t send as frequent updates as we’d like, you’re still on our minds.

Thank you to so many of you visiting our studios in person and purchasing our products, we truly are blessed to be able to still stay afloat during this time, and without you, we would have closed our doors a long time ago. So, Thank You! And with that, it’s a great segue into Thanksgiving here in Canada. And we have so many things to be thankful about! The health of our artists and immediate families is in good standing. We’re still able to do what we love (tattoos and amazing skincare products). And despite challenges, we remain filled with absolute love for our fellow human beings.

It is that love that nudged us into creating our new line of F*** products. Hear us out, we are at heart artists focused on tattoos and skincare, so why not have products that are geared to adults (18+). We’re happy to introduce the new line of aromatics Calm the Fuck Down and Chill the Fuck Out! Both have a very distinctive natural fragrance, they of course convey an import message (making them great Thanksgiving gifts) and just as importantly, work! The aroma is very calming / chilling, they’re great at defusing arguments and we’ve already happily handed them out to some of our clients as testers to confirm, yep, they work

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In parallel, this week we launched a new elegant toilet spray appropriately named Fuck This Shit. Look, most of us despite our best attempts of eating healthy or whatever we can fit in, have had an occasional intrusive smell following a movement. On a plus side, we generally can’t smell our own …, but trust us, your partner or next person frequenting the site of such transaction does. Show your love with just a couple of pumps of this magic potion and the smell is quickly converted to a beautiful citrusy aroma you’d be proud to share with next person walking in. We’ve been testing the product at both of our studios, 2 pumps of the spray is all you need to seriously Fuck that Shit.

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Finally, we hope you haven’t forgotten we make some seriously kick-ass natural soap the old (cold-processed with lye) way. Most of the best-selling scents are still available, along with our newest Gentle As Fuck Tattoo Soap. We know, Gentle doesn’t always scream out Tattoo, but it should when it comes to taking care of your skin especially after a tattoo. While geared for those with recent tattoos, it’s really great for all skin – it’s a new all-natural recipe that helps to keep your skin moisturized while using it, made with only 6 fucking ingredients to limit any chances of irritation.

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Our website will continue to be updated this year as we add more products, if you haven’t had a chance to visit us recently, give it a try and send us feedback via this email, we want, no, need to hear from you.

And before you unsubscribe or delete this email, for those that have read to this point, use the special coupon code of ThanksGivingFuck to save 10% OFF your entire order.

With lots of love, happy Thanksgiving, and all the best,

Asia, Nick and Painted People Tattoos and Soap family


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Asia, pronounced like Asha rather than like the continent, is the head artist and proud co-Owner of Toronto’s Painted People Tattoos Salon.

Asia has been tattooing for over 15 years. Her rich resume, apart from owning a tattoo studio, includes roles such as painter, volunteer, designer, music dabbler, and more. Finding her calling at the age of 16, she studied tattooing, first independently, and then as an apprentice to a number of celebrated artists before becoming one herself.

Tattooing is a passion for Asia. She loves creating livable, permanent art through that passion. When she’s not creating, Asia enjoys carrying for her pets, spending time with her family, watching movies, playing old video games, sucking at soccer (or football if we’re being all European) and unloading cat sounds with her husband Nick for general amusement of herself and others.


As the name indicates, watercolor tattoos essentially represent using the human canvas and drawing on them with tattoo ink making them look like watercolors.

Watercolor tattoos require the same expertise and initial process that other tattoo techniques require (you may or may not do a stencil and mix shades of color), but where they really separate themselves from other tattoo techniques is the final outcome. A fresh watercolor tattoo can often appear as splashes of watercolor paint on your body.

Created with a lot more gradual coloring (unlike, for example, traditional tattooing where solid colors are merged together), the subtle gradients help create the characteristics and design of a classic watercolor painting. The other differentiating factor is outlining. Watercolor tattoos pride themselves on often not having a solid outline which is then colored in. The free flowing colors are meant to represent a painting – which they most definitely do.

Asia, while doing every style from black and grey, traditional, tribal, realism, neo-traditional, new school, etc, has really specialized in watercolor tattooing recently. Outside of loving the look and feel of them and genuinely enjoying creating unique watercolor designs, she is quickly becoming known Canada wide for her passion of watercolor tattoos.

One of the common misconceptions around watercolor tattoos is that they fade very quickly. Putting it simply, all tattoos fade overtime. In the hands of a professional tattoo artist (such as Asia), watercolor tattoos are safe from fading for years. How many years heavily depends on various factors such as maintenance of the tattoo / skin care along with placement of tattoo as not placing it on an area where there may be constant rubbing will make it last longer. Watercolor tattoos can fade just slightly quicker due to use of lighter colors, so if one of our tattoos does start to fade you can come back after a few years for a quick touch-up to get it looking vibrant again.

For tips on how to maintain your watercolor or any other tattoos, check out our healing instructions page here