I’m in love with the Burlington Painted People studio! Brooke had a candle burning which totally made me extra relaxed, and the occasional smoke breaks overlooking the garden in the front, I really felt like I had a spa appointment 😊 can’t wait for my next tattoo.


I got the best, THE BEST, beautiful red rose I could ever dream of. I wanted to find a female tattoo artist in Toronto as the tattoo was in a sensitive spot. Asia is such a cool chick and an incredible artist. Girl power!


OMG, painted people tattoos is like the best tattoo shop in Toronto! it’s modern, they gave me cookies and my custom tattoo kicks ass! thanks Asha!!


Asia is a great all around tattoo artist. The best part of Asia is that she’s super friendly and makes you feel comfortable so if you’re a first timer she’s amazing. I’ve been getting tattoo’d by Asia for the past 6 years and would never go anywhere else. So happy that she has her own shop now. I suggest her to everyone! You won’t regret it.


Love this tattoo shop! The friendly staff, the cool vibe and their awesome work!!! Painted People Tattoos is definitely one of the best tattoo places I have been in Toronto.


I’ve known Asia for several years, her work is exceptional and would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting that next (or first) tattoo! So glad she got her own place, closer to the city, will definitely be passing through for my next piece of work!