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Tattoo Gift Certificates From a Great Tattoo Studio in Toronto & Burlington

By Nick
November 19, 2019

The perfect Christmas, Kwanzaa, birthday, Hanukkah, or any other milestone event present could be custom artwork designed for your special someone by one of our talented artists.

Custom art that truly reflects the individual is a gift of a lifetime.

And for this holiday season, we really would love to make you and someone in your life happy! We can achieve it by offering the following:

Purchase $100 Gift Certificate For $80.00


We also specialize in cover-ups so you could give it to someone wanting to freshen-up their existing art.

To order, use our Contact Us form (submit the form or you can call, mail or smoke signal us) and we’ll either deliver it or you can grab it from either of our Painted People Tattoo shops in Toronto or Burlington anytime.

For inspiration or if you want to dedicate the gift certificate towards particular wearable art, check out these cool designs, many of which are up for grabs.