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Asia is the head tattoo artist and proud co-owner of Painted People Tattoo Co. in Toronto and Burlington. Having over 30 years of excelling in art (well, since birth), and over 10 years of tattooing experience, Asia lives and breathes art. This Toronto and Burlington tattoo artist specializes in watercolor tattooing.


Anita is our most experienced tattoo artist joining us from previous work out of Hamilton, Brantford and various guest artist spots around the GTA. Anita, who will be working out of Burlington, is a true old-school tattoo artist in every way. Her passion and infectious positive attitude, combined with over 20 years of tattoo experience make us honored to call her a member of our family.



Kristina, with 3+ years tattoo experience, is a Manila-born, Toronto-based, Filipino-Canadian artist in every sense of the word. She specializes in hand poked tattoos and amazing art installations. Having trained internationally under renown artists, this Toronto tattoo artist will give you that one-of-a-kind tattoo design that you won’t find anywhere else.



Brooke is an adopted daughter (figuratively speaking) of co-owners Asia and Nick. Working out of our Burlington location exclusively, Brooke is quickly expanding her portfolio of quality work. As a young, self-motivated and passionate tattoo artist, what sets Brooke apart (outside of her stunning work) is her overall friendly demeaner and humble nature.


Ashley is the newest tattoo artist joining us in our Toronto tattoo shop. As an extremely passionate, accomplished artist with over 5 years of tattooing experience, Ashley is one of the best cover-up artists we’ve come across, although her color, black and grey, or really any tattoo style is impressive as well. Stop by Tuesdays or Wednesdays to learn why we’re so excited to have her join our team.

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Hannah is our Burlington tattoo apprentice who has been with us for over a year. As an accomplished artist and Illustrator attending Sheridan college, we’re seeing Hannah quickly grow into a very capable tattoo artist. From a very young age, her illustrations set her apart from others. She’s taking on new clients at a discounted rate while she perfects her craft.

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