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Tattoo Aftercare

By Nick
February 11, 2020

After you have finally had that tattoo, you’ve always wanted…what comes next? With the advanced technologies, acquiring a tattoo nowadays is much safer than before. However, the advancement does not alter the fact that it is still a medical procedure that leaves behind a wound. The wound is open to an infection, which is why you need tattoo aftercare. It ensures that your tattooed skin is free from bacteria and germs, which allows it to heal fast and successfully.

Aftercare tips for new tattoos

1. Take the advice given by your tattoo artist

In most cases, your tattoo artist will provide you with some instructions on how to handle the raw wound. If you are keen enough to follow the guidelines provided, you will manage to care for your newly tattooed skin appropriately.

2. Leave the bandage

Essentially, tattoo aftercare commences immediately; you get a tattoo. Your tattoo artist will apply some tattoo jelly on the tattooed area and later cover it with a bandage. This protects your skin from any risk of infection when the tattoo is still fresh. One should allow the dressing to stay for a few hours after getting tattooed.

3. Gently wash

After the bandage removal, slowly was the tattoo with hypoallergenic soap and warm water to get rid of dried blood and microorganisms causing infections. After cleaning, drying using a towel and apply some moisturizer once the tattooed area is dry.

4. Do not disturb the tattooed area

After a tattoo, your skin could react by scabbing or flaking. Picking on the flaking parts will delay healing and could your skin to infections.

5. Avoid direct sunlight on your tattooed skin.

You should not expose your freshly inked skin to direct sunlight. It could slow down the healing process and, in some instances, cause harm to the raw wound. Applying some sunscreen is only advisable much later when the tattooed section is fully healed.

6. Avoid staying in water for long

In case you love swimming, you might need to hold on to the thought of it for a while until your tattoo completely heals. Exposing it to too much water, when the wound is still raw, might risk the likelihood of it getting an infection.

7. Moisturize

Apply our aftercare tattoo balm until the tattoo is completely healed. It ensures that your skin is well protected during the healing process by preventing infections and dryness.

8. Give your skin time to heal

Ensure that you give your skin adequate time to heal correctly. On average, it might take about two weeks for newly tattooed skin to fully recover. During this time, ensure that you choose the right measures to allow your wound to heal efficiently and quickly.

In case you experience some allergic reactions after getting tattooed, ensure that you seek medical advice. You might be having sensitive skin that reacts to minor changes, and hence it is crucial to seek a doctor’s advice before acquiring a tattoo. All in all, tattoo aftercare is easy to follow and guarantees excellent results afterward.