About Stepan

Stepan is a very talented artist hailing from Ukraine who we first met back in 2017, at an art class. We were introduced to his natural talent back then while admiring his free-flowing color paintings and general line work. Instantly Stepan’s positive attitude and general good aura impressed us, and we remember thinking how great it would be if he was working with us.

Fast forward a few years later, Stepan’s career had taken him to a number of various tattoo studios around the city while he was setting up his own Leopolis Ink Tattoo Studio.

Prior to his residency at Deuce Tattoos in Bancroft, we fell in love with Stepan again as he filled in for Mikhail while he was in Europe (you can read the blog posting here). We couldn’t be more happy that he decided to take his talents back to Toronto and join us in our Toronto tattoo studio as a permanent artist.

Stepan’s work truly speaks for himself – the clean, straight lines along with dot work, combined with attention to detail and great designs have resulted in a truly rich portfolio of work thus far. He really is a jack of all trades, while he’s developing his own unique style, he’s done stunning works of art in everything from black work to watercolor and neo-traditional tattoo styles. We believe Stepan is one of the best well rounded tattoo artists in Toronto, and couldn’t be prouder to call him a member of our expanded family.

Drop by anytime in our Painted People Tattoo studio in Toronto, check out his work below or drop him a note at stefanoartist@gmail.com

Check out his work below: