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Soapy Penguin – Our Handcrafted Line of Tattoo Aftercare

By Nick
January 27, 2018

We now offer our very own natural tattoo aftercare

As we look back on everything that made Painted People Tattoos possible and all that has come out of our wonderful shop and that is yet to come, we’re feeling genuinely extremely blessed.

Today, well, technically 2 weeks ago, we’re proud to announce the very new and improved Soapy Penguin Aftercare tattoo lotion exclusively available in our shop! We have two versions – an unscented one great for those with sensitive skin and a light lavender & chamomile scented cream. We guarantee you will love it and the cute, elegant tin that it comes in.

We make the aftercare ourselves. Everything is 100% natural using only the best ingredients we can source and we have been perfecting the recipe on our selves and our loyal clients for a year to ensure it’s not only safe and effective, but the best tattoo aftercare we can offer. We of course feature testers in the shop and have free samples to give out. For our loyal vegan tattoo clients, we’re working on a vegan friendly tattoo aftercare (note that ours currently does feature bees wax).

We also have our unscented Vegetable Glycerin soap beautifully wrapped in a bow! If you don’t like bows, we’ll unbow it for you. We are giving out samples until mid February so come on in and enjoy our line of tattoo after care.