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Updated Toronto and Burlington Tattoo Studio Rules

By Nick
June 13, 2020

Original blog posting updated…

By now, many of you have heard that the Ontario Government has allowed most service related businesses to re-open as part of government’s phase 2 plan. This does include tattoo studios (yay!) along with hairdressers and others in certain regions of Ontario.

As part of our re-opening, you will notice some changes. We will as always strive to provide the best custom tattoo designs and work possible, and still deliver exceptional customer service we’re known for, on the latter point on customer service, unfortunately the following changes are necessary to ensure artist and your safety:

  1. By appointment only – you will have to call or email in advance and schedule an appointment; as we shift away from walk-ins for the time being, nothing is stopping you from calling outside of the shop, but you do need an appointment for free consultations or tattoo work; obviously, please reschedule if you are not feeling well or are exhibiting any symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, runny nose, sore throat, etc). If you have to cancel last minute due to illness, your deposit will be held until you are ready to reschedule.
  2. Self assessment checklist – everyone visiting us for tattoos, moving forward, will be required to submit the following Self Assessment Checklist within 24hrs of their appointment (confirming you’re feeling well)
  3. Masks – Please bring a mask with you, as you will be required to wear one while you are in the studio and during your tattoo. If you don’t have one, a mask will be provided for you upon entry (and of course mandatory squirt of hand sanitizer); your artist will wear a mask as well for the entire duration of your tattoo. Note that we will not be doing any tattoos at this time that might require you to remove your mask (no head tattoos as per safety standards being enforced).
  4. Waiting area – it’s sadly gone; we will be unable to have you wait in either studio; upon entry, and your mask being on, you will be guided to your tattoo table which will be sanitized and ready for you (for consultations or for work);
  5. What to bring – everything you bring to the shop (personal items such as jackets, bags, purses) will be placed in a disinfected container; Please do not bring a water bottle or your own drink or snacks (another one of those government enforced safety regulations); We will give you water, coffee or a snack to make your tattoo as comfortable as possible.
  6. Moral support / guests – Please come alone to your appointment; due to social distancing requirements and our waiting areas removed, you will not be allowed to bring a guest; It’s a hard thing to write, as we again greatly pride ourselves on making your experience as pleasant as possible, allowing others in the studio until further notice is not allowed
  7. Prices – stay as is; despite the added costs to us in providing additional equipment (masks, aprons, extra sanitizing), charging it back to you didn’t make sense as we’re all hoping to get back to normalcy; this has been an exceptionally hard time on so many of you and so many small businesses, we’ll do our best to keep prices where they are for the foreseeable future

From our side you can expect minimum 6 feet distance between you and other clients(and/or alternating shifts and days when this is not possible), exceptional care of your and artist’s safety (sanitizing / disinfecting which all professional tattoo studios already practice, we’ll continue to be extra anal when it comes to cross contamination; all of our artists are trained in blood pathogen and sanitizing standards, your and our safety is important). You are encouraged to utilize contactless payment, but we will continue to accept cash as well. You can still purchase our products which will be on display (and feel free to fondle them with your sanitized hands as much as you’d like).

We love you all, and can’t wait to see you soon!