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Our New Tattoo Studios Website

By Nick
January 17, 2019

After months of planning and updates, our new website is finally up

First, we have to thank our partners at ArcProMedia (and especially Mits) for having the patience and the skills to get our new website off the ground.

We added a bunch of new content, changed pictures to be Instagram feeds, polished-off some artist profile write-ups and changed the overall layout.

While it took longer than anticipated, we love the new look and hope you do as well. Drop us a note via the quick contact form and tell us what you think (good or bad), we review and respond to all comments and will update based on your feedback.

Given we love posting blogs with pictures, here’s a great one of a concept design that Mikhail did today. By the time you read this, the design will likely be gone, but do let us know if you’re interested in any custom tattoo pieces.