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Our Burlington Tattoo Studio Family is Expanding

By Nick
July 05, 2019

We’re ecstatic to have Hannah join us for the summer. Hannah is an accomplished artist and Illustrator attending Sheridan college’s coveted Bachelor of Illustration program.

From a young age, Hannah had been passionate in art and illustration designing album art and YouTube banners for her friends during middle school. Her passion for art contributed towards her receiving the Burlington Art in Action award.

As an already accomplished artist in her own right, she recently started experimenting with all kinds of art and media, including tattoos which led her to us. Hannah is still experimenting and learning the basics of tattooing (including the all too important safety considerations including cross-contamination, setting-up and tearing down, and slowly practicing on skin).

We’re in awe of Hannah’s considerable artist talents, and are super excited to see her blossom into an ineradicable tattoo artist soon. In the mean time, check out some of her art via Instagram or stop by our shop Thursdays / Fridays in the summer to say hello to her.