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NIX Tattoo Fun

By Nick
June 15, 2017

Tattooing at Northern Ink Xposure (NIX) gets more fun each year!

For all of you that stopped by to say hi, eat our skittles or steal some tattoo cards or buy our tattoo prints, thank you! It was you that helped us make it through 10+ hour days. That, a lot of coffee and love for doing the best possible tattoos that kept us going!

There’s a lot of highlights from it. Mishka buzzing around, Brooke getting another flower tattoo, Asia doing a few stunning tattoo pieces, and Nick almost buying a Tattoo Laser removal machine (we’re looking to expand our business and I still think it’s a good investment).

We’re also looking at attending an international tattoo festival this year, maybe Poland if we get our butts in gear to book a booth.

Anyways, rather than posting tattoo pics from NIX, as you can check them out anytime via our instagram, thought I’d do a fresh pic of Asia taking a photo of a kick-ass Dragon tattoo cover-up she did. Thanks Yasmeen for stopping-by our tattoo studio and getting the amazing tattoo cover-up done!