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New Tattoo Aftercare is here!

By Nick
July 29, 2017

We are introducing a new line of handmade all-natural tattoo aftercare lotions and soaps!

Why you ask? Well, we’ve been selling things such as Tattoo Goo and a few others to our clients, and while they deferentially do help heal fresh tattoos faster, we honestly didn’t like the consistency (and to be frank, the price). That and we’ve loved natural soaps and lotions for years. We see our soap making as an extension of art, and once you see and try them for yourselves you’ll see why.

After numerous training classes, extensive internet research and of course a certification in Soap and Lotion making, we’re thrilled to report that we’ve come up with something that we know is better than what we’ve tried out there so far.

The ingredients are all natural, safe and have been tested on us and our willing clients. Happy to report that feedback has been phenomenal! In a side by side comparison, tattoos using our Soapy Penguin after case (we love our cute name) healed faster, scabbed less and protected tattoos from infections. Our unscented tattoo lotion contains coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E oil, shae butter, grapeseed butter, olive butter, aloe butter, and mango butter.

We are giving out samples at the shop so stop by and tell us what you think of our amazing tattoo aftercare lotion!