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About Mikhail

Mikhail is an extremely talented artist out of Russia who has been tattooing in Canada for over 5 years now.

His ultimate goal is to develop a new style, and in his pursuit of perfecting it, he excels in realism, black and grey and geometric tattoos.

Geometric Tattoos, Realism and Black & Gray Tattoos

Geometric tattoos are tattoos that blend lines – straight or circular – into shapes based on simple mathematical patterns to create perfect balance and symmetry

Mikhail is a Siberia-Russian born tattoo artist who we’ve seen grow into a stunning tattoo artist over the last couple of years.

When asked what style he specializes in, as many artists of the recent generation may say, “why place me in a box?”. Well, for the purposes of this article, we will box him and proudly proclaim that he has his own style of a mix of Black & Grey and Geometric tattoo designs.

Never separated from his iPad and the artist app he uses (ProCreate for those Apple app junkies), he designs spectacular custom pieces which mesh in perfect symmetry and chaotic yet soothing simplicity co-mingled with black and grey shading with stunning visuals. We know that’s a lot of adjectives to throw onto describing something which you really can only experience visually.

Creating / drawing a great custom design is only a part of the puzzle, be it an important part. His ability to almost transpose the perfect linear designs onto a human canvas is what truly sets him apart from others and makes him one of the best tattoo artists in Toronto. We are, of course, biased as Mikhail has been a member of our family for a couple of years now. However, seeing his designs become ever more impressive over time we can proudly proclaim him as one of the top artists working in Toronto.

So what is geometric tattooing? Is it just a non-nerdy, or maybe nerdy, way of tattooing. Is it connected to geometry, that boring math class we often skipped. It’s all of those things and none of them. Blending lines, which could be straight or circular, into shapes, geometric tattoo designs have existed since ancient times. Based on simple mathematical patterns, designs show shapes that can contain perfect balance and symmetry. Considered “smart” tattoos, varying shapes shown in geometric tattoos represent different things.

You can read about what a mandala, cube, or Metatron cube represents on someone’s body on other sites (we won’t recycle the material as there are others that have written it well).

Black and grey is a style of tattooing that uses only black ink with varying shades. Creating a stunning black and grey piece requires an artistic vision of a tattoo artist able to blend black ink into different shades.

What Mikhail does, apart from creating these gorgeous geometric tattoos and transposing them on bodies, is adds his own style to the tattoo by perfectly and expertly blending black and grey shades with geometric precision to really bring an already stunning tattoo to a higher dimension and more true expression of art.