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Mikhail Comeback

By Nick
February 18, 2017

Mikhail, following a one month hiatus, returned to our tattoo shop

It’s been a while since our last post. Main reason: trump! no, wait, a cold sore. nope, jon oliver coming back! or, it’s our cats somehow being cuter. The truth is, there’s a plethora of reasons, but either way, we’ve been kicking ass in tattoos and taking names, well, sort of, names of our new clients mainly via waver forms.

Anyways, some brief updates since we last posted:

  • We saw Seinfeld live
    • After Sarah Silverman, Loius CK, David Cross (my ex favorite), and a few others, Seinfeld blew our minds
    • He is our current living comedic demi-god since George Carlin, RIP
  • Mikhail, the artist that does amazing dot and geometric work, is back
  • Check out some of his pics below

Mikhail’s Tattoo Work

There’s way more updates, but for now, we didn’t want to ramble too much.