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Meet Meghan – Our New Tattoo Apprentice

By Meghan Weir
November 12, 2020

We’re super excited! This week, we had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Meghan, who is joining us a super talented illustration artist in our Toronto tattoo studio.

Meghan is a graduate of the well respected Sheridan college Illustration program. As our second Sheridan college alumni, by now we know she’s bringing with her a strong work ethic, passion for art and an artistic framework in place that makes her a talented artist in her own right. While time will tell how her great illustration skills translate to tattooing, we have absolute faith that she’ll become a kick-ass tattoo artist one day. She’s very eager to learn and will be spending Tuesdays to Thursdays at our tattoo studio learning and helping out.

Meghan tells us that her main focus is to be as versatile as possible, learning as many different tattoo styles as possible. She’s extra focused on perfecting American traditional, Japanese traditional, and neo traditional tattoo styles. One might say her illustrations speak for themselves (check them out below), she loves building pieces based on composition and is excited to learn more about placements on the body and various tattoo methods, starting with lining and eventually moving onto shading.

While we were initially hesitant on bringing in another tattoo apprentice, Meghan’s friendly demeaner and zeal for learning to tattoo won us over. Check out her growing portfolio on Instagram and feel free to stop by Tuesdays to Thursdays to say hi.