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About Kristina

Kristina Guison, who is an emerging sculpture, installation and performance artist, is a Hand Poke tattoo artist specializing in stick and poke tattoos.

Kristina is an all-round great artist. She plays a number of traditional instruments, does amazing sculptures and on top of that is a very gifted tattoo artist.

What separates her from other good tattoo artists (apart from the obvious) is that based on her travels across South East Asia and learning about culture of tattooing, she has become an established Hand Poke tattoo artist. As the name indicates, hand poke, or stick ‘n poke tattooing, is a non-electric method of tattooing that is done in freestyle with needle and ink. This style of tattooing is in high demand, and we’re very proud to be associated with one of the best artists in all of Canada for this old style and traditional method of tattooing.

So how did Kristina’s passion for Hand Poke tattoos flourish? Her love for this traditional art led her on a very long journey in her home country of the Philippines and rest of South East Asia where, for a number of months, she conducted independant research on culture of tattooing.

Having researched and received multiple tattoos by the oldest living and world-renowned Kalinga artist, Whang-od, she also studied Sak Yant tattoos in Thailand and Cambodia, Iban tattoos in Malaysian Borneo and Mentawai tattoos in Indonesia.

Perfecting these styles over years of practice, her amazing Hand Poke tattoos speak for themselves.

Hand Poke tattoos are special in how they look. Some relate them to looking more organic, but either way, there is no mistaking that you cannot achieve the look and feel of a well-done Hand Poke tattoo by even the most skilled machine tattoo artist.

Apart from Hand Poke tattoos looking special and unmistakable, they generally are known to hurt less as they are less invasive than machine needles, and they tend to heal faster than from any other tattoo style.

To learn more about Hand Poke tattoos, please visit our Hand Poke page, a blog post highlighting more about it’s history, or contact Kristina via our Booking page