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Evolution of Tattoos in Western Culture

By Nick
July 01, 2017

How tattoos came to be and why we’re the best tattoo shop in Toronto for your custom tattoo art!

The art of tattooing is universal. There is no doubt that tattoos have existed for thousands of years, where many cultures across the globe practiced different styles and methods of body art. The word tattoo is derived from the Tahitian “tatau,” meaning “to mark.” Tattoos were and continue to be significant in many rituals and traditions, especially in many parts of Asia such as the Dayak people of Indonesia – a tribe which practices Bornean traditional tattooing, a hand tapping style of work using two sticks. Although tattoos are a personal choice and we can learn to appreciate different pieces of body art, we must be able to look back at the beginning and the widespread history, which has influenced tattooing today.

The idea of puncturing the skin may not sit well with many people. It can be a painful process or a it might just tickle. Either way, it lets us make our own decisions about our bodies and how we choose to express ourselves. In North, Central and South America, there are many different types of tattoos and tattooing – Watercolor, traditional, tribal, realism, dotwork, handpoke, jailhouse, geometric, abstract, religious and the list goes on. Tattoos have become so popular here now that many fields of work do not oppose to it as beliefs and opinions are evolving and are becoming non-judgmental environments. Soon, the day will come, where retirement homes will be filled with badass shriveled up prunes with stories written all over.

One of the more mainstream styles of work we specialize in are watercolor tattoos. Asia, our lovely artist and co-founder of Painted People Tattoos and Art is talented in watercolor that convey femininity and grace. Mikhail, who works side by side with Asia, masters in dotwork and geometric with a touch of traditional. Here we believe the age of consent to get a tattoo is 18 because we believe that before declaring our love for body art, there comes responsibility and ownership of our bodies. So if you are ready for a lifelong commitment (that doesn’t include a nagging wife or lazy husband), come in and get tattooed!