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Covid 19 or coronavirus and our Tattoo Studios

By Nick
March 14, 2020

Dear valued clients and members of our extended family.

We along with everyone are monitoring this rapidly evolving situation, and are here to follow guidance issued by the World Health Organization and our national Canadian and local (Toronto and Burlington) health authorities.

We are committed to the health and safety of our artists and all of you. It’s important to be informed, cautious, and courteous (ie. cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing, wash your hands regularly, stay at home if you’re not feeling well, seek medical attention if you have severe symptoms / difficulty breathing).

But as most of you guys hopefully by now know what to do, here are some things we wanted to say:

  • Please don’t grab all the toilet paper you can carry; We struggled to find some yesterday, there will be enough for everyone and toilet paper can in no way further guard you from viruses
  • We will as always continue to thoroughly disinfect all surfaces in the studio – not only tattoo chairs, tables, and beds; but now more than ever paying extra attention to common areas – things like door handles, bathroom faucets/taps, even our debit machines
  • We remain open and fully staffed; should you choose to come in for a tattoo during this time, we’ll of course do everything we can to make your visit as safe as possible and enjoyable as well
  • We do have masks for clients that have mild coughing (and no other symptoms) which you will be required to wear for the safety of others; We do not sell masks and please keep in mind that you wearing a mask does not protect you from viruses (unless it’s a special designated N95 mask and you cover your entire face, including eyes)
  • We also have toilet paper (we can spare a square to quote our favorite sitcom Seinfeld)
  • Please limit the amount of support friends/family members you bring in to the studio with you (come alone if possible); it is a small space, and we want to keep our artists and clients as safe as we possibly can
  • And of course, if you are not feeling well, please reschedule your appointment for a later date (we will ask you to leave if you’re visibly not well)

Small businesses, not only tattoo shops, but local restaurants, hairdressers, etc. need your support now more than ever. Please shop local where possible / order items online from small businesses offering items for delivery and purchase gift certificates if you are inclined to use their service in the future – every bit helps.

Canadians, and more importantly, human beings, are resilient and together, even at a distance, will get through this.

If the need arises, we’ll further update you should social distancing / health guidelines demand that we temporarily close our tattoo studios. Until then, we appreciate your business and continued support and stand ready to assist everyone during this difficult period in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.

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