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Covid 19 Updated Response

By Nick
March 18, 2020

Dear valued clients and members of our extended family.

As many of you have seen via our social media posts, we made the hard decision to close both of our shops. This decision was made based on our commitment to the health and safety of our artists and all of you.

It’s important for all of you to follow the best practice and guidelines put forward – which is currently to stay at home and avoid non-essential outside movements.

If you are forced to leave in order to go to work for those on the front lines, or to buy essentials, ask your neighbors (especially anyone elderly) if you can get them anything. We’re all in this together despite staying apart from each other. Our artists and us are volunteering in our neighborhoods and trying our best to help anyway we can – for now, the best we can offer is to stay at home and avoid risking the spread of the virus further.

Small businesses, including tattoo shops, need your support now more than ever. Please shop local where possible by ordering items online from small businesses offering items for delivery and purchase gift certificates if you are inclined to use their service in the future – every bit helps in keeping your favorite places around. The government is helping as well with such things as mortgage / tax deferrals, check out the vast resources available online as we all need financial support during these hard times.

We’re all in this fight globally, and together will get through this.

If you do wish to support us specifically, we appreciate it – feel free to purchase any of our products via this page, or send us a note anytime.

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