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Come Celebrate Canada Day with Us, Eh!

By Nick
June 28, 2017

Tattoo Flashes for Sale from Toronto’s highest rated tattoo studio
In celebration of our beloved country turning the very young age of 150 (we’re from Europe where most countries are considered grand-grand parents), we’re doing an all day tattoo flash sale!

You can check out our designs below – all done this week by our award winning tattoo artists – prices being either 50, 75 or 100.


So, how does it work? Well, on Saturday, it’s first come first serve. Any flashes which get tattooed will not be repeated, so, if you want to ensure you score one of these, come in early (doors open at noon). We’ll have cookies, drinks, timbits and of course plenty of Canadian hugz to celebrate our country’s birthday in style – with amazing tattoos!