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Our downtown Burlington Tattoo Studio features some of the best tattoo artists Burlington has to offer.

Painted People Tattoo Company, a well-established tattoo studio with venues in Burlington and Toronto, consists of our co-owner and head artist Asia, along with her husband Nick and her extended family of talented tattoo artists. Having produced some stunning pieces of art in the past few years, they are thrilled to be expanding closer to where their roots began– and to feature some of the most experienced tattoo artists in Burlington!

A Burlington Background

A few years ago, Asia (pronounced Asha), who is one of the best Tattoo Cover Up artists, and her partner Nick were happily dating, had 3 cats, a dog, and a cozy place in Burlington near the water. Asia worked in a Hamilton tattoo studio making “ok” money, Nick had a stable job in Toronto and had been enduring regular two-hour drives in each direction. One day, after spending 7 hours in traffic during the first snowfall of late 2015, the couple decided to move to Toronto.

Starting a Tattoo Business

Asia and Nick found themselves a townhouse in the Downsview area, and Asia started seriously thinking about working for herself. They opened their first tattoo studio in Downsview, calling it Painted People Tattoos & Art, with the art portion coming from the many beautiful art pieces featured on the walls of the tattoo studio, turning it into a mini art gallery.

Ever since that day, while loving their Toronto Tattoo Shop, there was a feeling of something missing. Asia and Nick would frequently drive down to see Asia’s parents in Hamilton, stop by Burlington and visit some of their friends, walk the dog on their favorite street, muse at the beautiful trees and colourful houses, and say that one day they would be back.

Burlington Tattoo Studio

Fast forward to three years later: money was tight, obligations and stress were high, and spare time was non-existent. All this led to the perfect opportunity to expand back to their favorite city, with the idea of being able to tattoo Burlington folks!

Asia and Nick found a lovely house (yes, a house) near downtown, the lease was reasonable, the garden in front won them over, and they excitedly dived into opening a Burlington tattoo studio without any hesitation. Burlington is now their home again.

You’re Invited

We invite you to come visit the Burlington studio and share Asia and Nick’s “home away from home.” Our door is open and we’ll always offer you coffee or tea, sometimes milk, snacks like figs, or—on a good day—decent chocolates, and, of course, we guarantee you’ll get some of the best permanent living art (i.e. tattoos) in Ontario, if not Canada or the World.

How can we guarantee that? As Asia points out, all the tattoo artists in Burlington studio are our family. They’re not just talented people doing exceptional work, they’re truly special and remarkable with the quality and passion they bring each and every day to the art of tattooing. Asia and Nick are inspired by them daily, and are absolutely confident you will be too.

What makes Asia the best tattoo artist in Burlington, apart from the awards, overwhelmingly positive reviews and her stunning work? Come and meet her in person and find out! All the Painted People Tattoo Company artists love to tattoo Burlington folks (don’t tell our other clients, there’s something special about doing work on Burlington natives), and to be frank, Tattoo Burlington! is the name of our next motivational campaign.

See below for who will be taking part in the tattoo Burlington campaign:


Painted People Tattoo Company – Burlington

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ON L7R 2M2, Canada


Tel: (905) 637-7277

Work Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12 PM – 7 PM