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Artwork and Up for Grabs

Artwork by Local Artists

Painted People Tattoos Co. is proud to feature artwork by local artists at our custom tattoo shop in Toronto. Art is personal, and it’s very natural to not know where to start or how to even begin understanding the world of art. That is why we love to showcase what we like, and we display only what we like and want to share with everyone that walks through our shop to provide some sort of guided path into our taste in art and the artists that create it. Some of the artwork is for sale, other is not, but if you’re interested, ask one of our tattoo artists or reception.

The gallery will be posted at some point, but in the meantime if you’d like us to post your artwork, stop in and let us check it out.

For monthly featured designs, check out our specials page!

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Up For Grabs Book

We also have an Up for Grabs book. The drawings or art featured in the book contains original drawings our artists love doing and offer it for a discounted rate as they enjoy doing it. All artwork is original and taken out of the book once someone gets it.