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Arly’s first blog post

By Nick
June 24, 2017

Toronto’s highest rated tattoo salon has a new family member!

Arly, our new receptionist, has taken an interest in body art and tattoos ever since she was a little girl. Although she does not have a background in art, she aspires to be a walking canvas and loves to learn about the histories of tattooing throughout different cultures and times. Arly is currently working towards a Social Service diploma and enjoys spending her time volunteering with youth within her community.

Self-expression is important to Arly and that is why at the age of 18, she got her very first tattoo (without permission from her parents of course). Many of her wicked tattoos tell stories – a butterfly tattoo covering her right arm is of her father, a guerrilla fighter and refugee, escaping the civil war of El Salvador in 1983 to give his children a better life. Arly believes tattoos allow people to create platforms for themselves and their identities that will stay with them forever.

Come chat with Arly working in our tattoo shop Saturdays.