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Are we open? Are any tattoo studios open??

By Nick
May 26, 2020

As we switch from winter to summer overnight (seriously, did we skip spring or it just felt that way), we felt compelled to post another update. I should write i felt compelled, many of our artists are still out there helping where they can, my wife Asia is still making lip balms and natural skincare, and our landlords are still being amazing in allowing us to stay open without paying full rent (many businesses are forced to shut down due to this, we’re blessed in that way and we appreciate the support!)

We closed our doors back on March 18th. I had to look it up and at first doubted the date, before realizing it’s been 2+ months and counting. Some days it feels like it’s been years, other days it was just yesterday as we tumble towards a hopeful re-opening. In the last week, we’ve received many phone calls inquiring about tattoos and if we’re open. Part of that I’m sure is our Google business page and our locations showing as open from midnight to 1AM once a week (we did that to allow our ad for Speaking Moistly lip balms to run as we offer curbside pick-ups it didn’t make sense to close completely). The other part is, of course, there’s a lot of interest in getting back to normalcy and enjoying a fresh tattoo is part of that.

I can’t articulate properly how much we, along with majority of Ontario tattoo artists out there, are overly eager / excited to get back to it. For many of us, it’s not just a job that you miss, it’s a way of life, it’s art and passion and a feeling like your life is not quite full without being able to practice your craft and tattoo others. Of course there’s finances as well, but it’s so much more though. Check out this hilarious video – many of us are itching to get back to things that the video doesn’t even feel like satire

So, are we open (as of time of writing this – May 25th)? Not for tattoos. We do have curbside pickups for our products, and we do offer a discount on Gift Certificates should you wish to support us during this time, sadly no tattoos. As for virtual designs, we’re not doing them at the moment. All of our already postponed clients will be a priority, but we’ll do our best to try to accommodate everyone once we reopen.

When will we open? When the government lock down is lifted allowing tattoo businesses to open again (our guess is we fit into the same category as hairdressers, massage and nail salons).

But when is that? Our guess is as good as yours (maybe mid to end-of June, maybe later). We’re here to operate under guidelines and be responsible corporate citizens. We don’t know what kind of restrictions will be imposed on our businesses, but given we care about the opportunity to service clients again and ensuring a safe environment for everyone involved, we’ll make sure we accommodate and figure it out.