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About Anita

Anita is our most experienced tattoo artist, who has perfected her art working in Hamilton, Brantford and various guest artist spots around the GTA. The reason why we are so excited to have her join us in Burlington is the fact that Anita is a true old-school tattoo artist in every way.

Anita uses coils (many artists including all of ours except Kristina have switched to rotaries). Coils are heavier, harder on the tattoo artist, but are arguably better suited for traditional tattoos as they can produce thick lines in a smoother fashion.

Anita also does all of her drawings and stencils by hand. We’re truly proud to have such a talented artist with over 20 years of experience in our shop.

So why should you get a tattoo from Anita? Apart from her absolute love of doing custom drawings and building on client’s ideas for a great tattoo, Anita has such a positive vibe about her. Her work is always amazing, and the process of getting to that work is quite amazing as well.

Anita also enjoys rainbows, lollipops and kittens (just please don’t ask her to do a Tazmanian devil tattoo, she’s just as passionate about avoiding those).

Drop by anytime Tuesday to Saturday in our Painted People Tattoo studio in Burlington, check out her work below or drop her a note at

Check out her work below: