Amanda - a great realism tattoo artist in the making Painted People Tattoos and Soap Company


About Amanda

Amanda joined us in our Toronto tattoo studio as an aspiring tattoo apprentice. We’re confident in a very short time she’ll be a full time, spectacular tattoo artist. We don’t write that lightly, from the first time we met her we were blown away by her artistic style, positive attitude and shear passion for what she does.

Amanda is an established artist already. You can check out her website, for proof of that. She received the ‘Practicing Artist in the Visual Arts’ award in Vaughan for her artist contributions to the community (many of her murals for the City of Vaughan are proudly displayed). As a former art teacher at a Woodbridge Art School, she continuously works on various mediums of art, including illustrations, custom painted fashion (shoes are her favorite), and make up. We could go on, Amanda is a truly special artist destined to be one of the great tattoo artists around.

Amanda is working towards specializing as a realism tattoo artist. As some of her portrait drawings highlight, she’s well on her way. As someone who always strives to tell a story through her art, we’ll soon be looking for volunteer skin for her to practice on. Come meet Amanda at our Toronto tattoo studio anytime Tuesday to Saturday, or drop her a note via

Check out some of her art below: