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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Tattoo

By Nick
July 08, 2017

Before getting a tattoo, we must understand that we are left with an opened wound. Tattoos can be a beautiful piece of art as long as we take care of them. There are important questions to ask yourself beforehand that will help getting a tattoo easier for you.

1. “How do I choose/Can I trust my tattoo artist?”

There are many shops around the city – Many are safe and there are few that are not so safe. It’s important to do your research on the shop and artist to know what you are getting yourself into. Let’s face it, many artists believe their talents lie in art but their work looks like something a 5 year old kid can do with their eyes closed. Remember that trustworthy artists will give you a heads up of what they will be doing/using to create your piece. Now sit back and enjoy the process.

2. “Is this the right tattoo for me?”

Give it some thought. Even if its a heat of the moment tattoo, take a moment and talk to your future self and ask if this is what you really want. Imagine the face your wife will make when she sees a portrait of your dog on your butt. Is it worth the embarrassment?

3. “How do I take care of my tattoo?”

Each artist will have their own personalized instructions on how to take care of your tattoo. It is important to follow the instructions to avoid infection or a shitty looking tattoo. Take a look at our aftercare section on our website. Remember to avoid pools, baths, and harsh sunlight. Unscented soaps and lotion will help the healing process.

4. “Will my mom be mad at me?”